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What is e-commerce and what are its benefits?

With the pandemic the use of new technologies has become more relevant, for this reason Cuadro Legal, your law firm in Medellin has taken on the task of explaining what e-commerce is and tell you about its benefits.

In this order of ideas we will begin by stating that electronic commerce in Colombia is regulated by Law 527 of 1999, whichcovers issues arising from any commercial relationship, whether contractual or not, structured through the use of one or more data messages or any other similar means .

E-commerce allows goods and services to be traded on a global scale, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, without incurring the costs of a physical store.

So, at Cuadro Legal, your law firm in Bogota and Medellin, we talk about 4 benefits of e-commerce for you to take into account when undertaking an Ecommerce:

  1. Greater reach:
    e-commerce ends border limits for acquiring goods and services.

  1. Cost savingsphysical stores have high operating costs, which in turn require different legal obligations, such as labor obligations. With which you will not have to deal if you create an Ecommerce, with a good advice in the legal area.

  1. Automated inventory management
    Inventory is managed through electronic tools, which saves you from contracting external suppliers to carry out such management.

  1. Location:
    the e-commerce owner can be located anywhere in the world, and from there he can run his business, as long as he has a computer and internet access.

Written by: Alejandra Cardona M

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