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Deadlines for MSMEs to pay income tax extended

The Ministry of Finance, through the draft regulation issued on February 3 of this year, with the purpose of helping the nation’s economy,

proposes to modify the term for the payment of income and complementary tax installments of legal entities classified by income as micro and small enterprises (MSMEs).

Thus, in Cuadro Legal Abogados we tell you how it would look like
the payment of the tax for the taxable year 2020 by the Mypimes, without prejudice of the presentation of the corresponding tax return within the dates established in Decree 1680 of 2020, according to the last digit of the NIT, as follows:

Payment of the first installment of income tax

If your last digit is:
1June 9 
2June 10 
3June 11 
4June 15 
5June 16 
6June 17 
7June 18 
8June 21 
9June 22 
0June 23 


Payment of the second installment of income tax


If your last digit is:
1November 9 
2November 10 
3November 11 
4November 12 
5November 16 
6November 17 
7November 18 
8November 19 
9November 22 
0November 23 

It should be noted that the text issued by the Ministry of Finance is available for consultation and comments until March 17.

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Written by: Alejandra Cardona Mercado

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