Our Specialties

Commercial Law AdvisoryShops, companies, banks ...

Intellectual PropertyAdvice on Copyright

........Consumer Law.......Users of products or services

.....Competition Law....For commercial issues

Migration Law AdvisoryTravelers, immigrants or foreign executives

Constitutional RightsGuardianships, petition rights, popular actions

...........Family Law...........Home and family consultations

Real Estate and Urban PlanningProperties and real estate

Mining and Energy LawMines, Oil, Electric Power, Gas and Alternative Energies

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Interdisciplinary professionals

Our team of lawyers it has ethical and integrity people. Professional lawyers specialized in all areas of law and the best universities in the country.

Experience in the sectors of the economy:

Legal framework over the years has created a customer base of all sectors of the economy. Health, finance, textiles, gastronomy, etc. This makes us experts and indicated to solve your problem, materializing your business opportunity.

Extra benefits for our customers

One of our purposes is to help Colombian companies grow, which is why we constantly invite our clients to business conferences, trainings and conferences in which they have met other people that generate business opportunities and strategic alliances.

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