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Five tips for success in your first divorce counseling session

When the idea of seeking a divorce is created in people’s minds, the most recommended thing to do is to attend a counseling appointment with an expert lawyer on the subject, there, you can get all the answers in a reliable and most importantly, accurate way for your case; here are five recommendations for this first counseling to be productive and help you make the best decision.

1. Tell the truth:

Commonly, the legal advice will always start with the narration of the facts by the client, this space is useful for the lawyer to read the situation and delimit crucial circumstances in the divorce process; at this point it is essential that you speak the truth, remember that one of the purposes of this first meeting is to obtain a personalized advice and that fits perfectly to your case, so if you lie to the lawyer probably get wrong information and you can waste the money invested by the payment of this consultation. In Cuadro Legal you will find lawyers with impeccable ethics and who will keep confidential all the information you provide in the development of their advice.

2. Try to be accurate with the dates of events:

It is very likely that your attorney will inquire about the dates on which various events occurred, such as the date of marriage, the birth of the couple’s children, specific dates of acquisition of property and when the grounds for divorce, if any, occurred. The 9 grounds for termination of marriage

This information is very important because it will allow the lawyer to identify the best procedure to achieve the divorce and if you have the opportunity to do so, because some grounds for divorce may only be claimed in the lawsuit until the following year of its occurrence or knowledge, which is why it is recommended that before the advice take detailed note of this information and if possible have a clear timeline.

3. Organize the documentation and submit it to counseling:

It will be very useful to present to the lawyer the supports and documentation that you have in this regard, in this regard we consider that the basic documents to be presented are:

  • Civil registration of marriage.

  • Civil registry of birth of the couple’s children.

  • Certificate of tradition and freedom of the real estate owned or public deed of purchase and sale.

  • Copy of judicial or extrajudicial files that have already advanced.

  • If it has them, evidence that allows studying the grounds for divorce that will be claimed in the judicial process.

If you do not have this information, it will not prevent you from attending the counseling, but it will certainly be required at a later date.

4. List all questions that have arisen prior to counseling and do not be afraid to ask your attorney.

The counseling appointment is designed for the client to solve all the doubts that may arise regarding the subject of the consultation, so we recommend that if you have had other questions in advance, you should have them written down so that you do not forget them, keep in mind that the lawyer will give you a lot of information that you will have to process in a short period of time, so having your doubts written down will help you not to forget them, we also recommend that you do not leave with any type of concern, divorce is a decision that will have consequences in many areas not only in your life but also in the lives of your children, so it will be better to have absolute clarity on the subject.

5. Discuss with your attorney your ability to pay and negotiate the price and fee payment methodology for the process.

With all the information provided, the lawyer will have a much clearer picture of your situation and will be able to show you different legal possibilities and the respective costs, so, in order to expedite the hiring process, it is advisable to establish a payment plan for the fees of the divorce proceeding and start it immediately. At Cuadro Legal Abogados we are able to meet your requirements according to your capacities and conditions in a timely manner.

Written by: Katherine Álvarez Gil

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