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If we learned anything from Pope Francis’ tour of Colombia, it is that peace is not simply the absence of conflict, but an experiential experiment, an ambition that can only be realized through positive daily actions of reconciliation and commitment to the legal and social order.
Especially in a country as historically tortured as this one, peace demands from all Colombians the conscious evaluation of the catalog of knowledge and skills that each one has to find what is the best that can be offered to the country, a responsibility that is especially binding for lawyers, because fulfilling it is the raison d’être of their profession and in the exercise of it, it is he who has the tools to resolve conflicts.
The last statement does not seek to ignore the negative social perception of jurists, nor to say that this image has not been generalized at the expense of the negligence and inexperience of certain individuals. The purpose of these lines is to make an urgent call to action to those who see law as the ideal means to reaffirm the social contract.
However, the feeling of solidarity that prevailed for a few days thanks to the visit of the Holy Father should not be temporary, nor should it be conditioned to trends in social networks, to the triumphs of the National Team, or be subject to the occurrence of natural disasters.
In this sense, it is more than necessary that law firms, without losing their sense and purpose as a company, initiate a process of readjustment of policies that allows the efficient management of projects by their associates and frees, even if only fractions of time in which, within each organization, leaders interested in developing and conducting pro bono cases can emerge. It is true that this work of readjustment, analysis and implementation will be arduous, but it is also true that natural catastrophes, tragedies and violence prevail in the news every day, it is true that even on the most ordinary days apathy is the general social rule.
In view of the above, the only possible reaction on the part of legal professionals must be to redouble their intellectual and labor efforts to remedy the crises of their communities and nations through legal thinking.
When the current President of the United States signed his executive order, prohibiting the entry into the U.S. of nationals from 7 Middle Eastern countries with Muslim majorities, known as “Muslim Ban”, clearly going against the rights of equality and religious freedom, lawyers and paralegals gathered in the baggage area of Dulles International Airport in Washington D. C., to provide free immigration law advice to immigrants who suddenly lost the possibility of re-entering the country where their lives and families were.C, to provide free immigration law advice to immigrants who suddenly lost the possibility of re-entering the country where their lives and families were.
This is what we are trying to propose, it is not about not profiting from the profession you studied for 5 or more years, it is about responding when you are called to defend the purest ideals of modern law and the French Revolution: liberty, equality and fraternity, it is about asking yourself, as a great man once did, not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country?
In response to this sublime call, Cuadro Legal Abogados joins the efforts of Mrs. Lucia Rico of the Prodignidad Animal Association to try to provide better conditions and dignified treatment to the best friends of man and the lawyer.
We invite our community on Facebook to learn more about this initiative at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/Asociacionprodignidadanimal/
By: Carolina Herrera Rubio

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