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Real Estate Law Services

Restitution of Leased Property

Title Study

Promissory Purchase Agreement

Real estate purchase/sale process

Family Housing

Legal Proceedings


Traffic accidents

Civil Law and Insurance Services

Action for Nullity and Reestablishment of Law

Action for Direct Relief

Defense in Coactive Collection Proceedings

Bidding Advisory concept with basic deliverable

Preparation of the Sole Registry of Bidders

Proceedings or Consultations with Administrative Entities

Exhaustion of governmental channels

Procedure for Direct Revocation of Administrative Act

Elaboration of Guardianship or its Response

Right of Petition

Family Law Services

Quota Food Quota Setting

Liquidation of Marital Partnership

Acknowledgment of Child by Public Deed

Cancellation of Family Property Before a Notary Public


Immigration Law Services in Colombia

Annuitant Investor Visa (owner-partner)

Real Estate Investor Visa


Digital Nomad Visa

Spouse Visa

Mother or father of Colombian National Visa

Work Visa

Resident Visa

Permanent Partner Visa

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