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Horizontal property in Colombia What is it?

Did you know that the building where you live must comply with special rules according to the horizontal property regime in Colombia? Today we tell you what horizontal property is.

Horizontal property What is it?

Horizontal property in Colombia is a system or legal figure that allows the management of a group of units or private constructions (buildings, complexes or urbanizations) where common areas are shared by those who comprise it (green areas, corridors, elevators, etc.).

This figure is regulated by the Horizontal Property Law in Colombia 675 of 2001, which states that, the Horizontal Property Regime is a “
Legal system that regulates the subjection to horizontal property of a building or complex, built or to be built”.

Types of horizontal property in Colombia

Likewise, the law classifies the horizontal property according to its destination or use in:

Residential building or complex

It is presented in the case where real estate, such as apartments, are intended exclusively for housing or residence. However, its nature is not lost because a space for common use is ceded for, for example, a cafeteria for those residing in the co-ownership.

Commercial building or complex

This is the case in which the real estate has been designed to operate commercial activities, such as premises or offices.

Mixed-use building or complex

This is the case where the real estate comprising the building, complex or unit has been destined for housing as well as for commercial and industrial use.

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Written by: Alejandra Cardona M.

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