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What is litigation?

On many occasions we hear people close to the legal area use the word litigation, however, many of us are unaware of its meaning.

For this reason, at Cuadro Legal law firm in Medellín, we explain what litigation consists of. And to do so, it will be necessary to start by mentioning that the Royal Spanish Academy defines the word
as: litigatedispute at trial about something.

In this sense, it is possible to state that litigation is a dispute where the parties involved defend their positions and interests before a judge or court. Therefore, there will only be litigation if it is brought before the courts, before that it will be a mere dispute.

Thus, it is feasible to consider that a litigation is composed of: two parties (natural or legal persons) legal persons) who hold a conflictas they have opposing positions and interests, reason for which they come to a judge or courtthird party in charge of resolve the dispute in a procedural scenario according to rightThe Company’s business is in accordance with the Constitution and the Law.

Now, although it is possible to resolve a conflict before a judge or court, it is important to point out that litigation represents a high cost in terms of time and money. For this reason, in most cases lawyers invite individuals and legal entities to prevent them, through continuous counseling. In this way, they will avoid paying high costs and will keep everything related to the legal area in order.

So, if you are not willing to incur in costly and extensive legal proceedings and expenses, we invite you to seek advice from Cuadro Legal Abogados, a law firm in Medellín, to prevent any possible conflict and thus avoid incurring high costs.

Written by: Alejandra Cardona M

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