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Human beings are quite diverse and so are our opinions, tastes, preferences and choices. Such diversity often causes conflicts between people, as interests are pitted against each other in a battle of which one prevails over the other to determine who is right.  Therefore, achieving a successful settlement, or any other type of agreement, can be very complex.

Sometimes these conflicts are solved in an agile and concrete manner by the parties involved; but unfortunately, this is not the common denominator, since a third party is constantly required to provide the solution or to try to do so.
There are several ways to solve a conflict, one of them is to present it before the ordinary jurisdiction (the judges of the republic), where as it is well known, it will be unavoidable to bear long periods of time and the costs of having an adequate judicial representation, such as the one that Cuadro Legal Abogados seeks to provide.
But this last way of conflict resolution is not the only one and, in my opinion, it is not the most adequate either, since it allows another person outside the conflict to resolve it, which, on occasions, may cause that the real truth and justice is not achieved and that it is then necessary to be satisfied with what is called the procedural truth. That is, that which could be proven in the process and that from the judge’s decision will be taken as truth; unfortunately it often happens that the parties who are actually right do not have the necessary evidence, which is why the decisions made by the judge end up being unjust. However, sometimes it is absolutely necessary to resort to this instance, especially when all other mechanisms have been tried and no satisfactory results have been obtained.
Fortunately, there are alternative methods to resolve conflicts amicably and peacefully. One of them is conciliation, a tool in which we have the presence of a third party outside the conflict, which provides settlement formulas without these being imposed. In this sense, the success of a conciliation depends to a large extent on the performance of the conciliator at the hearing; however, it is also the responsibility of the parties, since both are called upon to make mutual concessions and reach a mutually beneficial settlement.
In order to increase the level of success of this methodology, Cuadro Legal Abogados, based on its knowledge and experience, has chosen the following:
5 tips for a successful work-life balance:

  1. It is very important to understand that in conciliation, it is necessary for both parties to yield their interests, in order to find a fair middle ground, you must be open to negotiation.
  2. Identify clearly what you want to obtain with the settlement agreement, perhaps the other party is looking for something completely different, but affordable, and the solution to the conflict is easy to achieve.
  3. Do not allow feelings such as pride, arrogance, anger, ego and sadness to rule your common sense and decision-making ability.
  4. Set your negotiation limits, i.e., how much is the maximum you can ask for, which is usually with the proposal you start with, and how much is the minimum you are willing to receive.
  5. Seek legal advice of high ethical and professional standards and identify which rights can and cannot be reconciled, as well as the possible negotiation strategies that a legal professional can propose.

By katherine Alvarez Gil

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