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The Ombudsman, The Ombudsman’s Office and The Public Defender’s Office

We know that the 1991 Political Constitution was an innovation in our country. One of the novelties introduced through the Magna Carta was the figure of the Ombudsman .

Article 281 of the Constitution establishes that the Ombudsman shall exercise his functions autonomously and shall be elected by the House of Representatives for an institutional term of four years.

What are the functions of the ombudsman?

The functions of the Ombudsman are set forth in Article 282 and are established with the purpose of the Ombudsman to ensure the promotion, exercise and dissemination of human rights. Among the most important functions are to invoke the right of habeas corpus and to file tutela actions, to disseminate human rights and recommend policies for their education, and to organize and direct the public defender’s office under the terms established by law.

What is the ombudsman or ombudsman’s office?

The Public Defender’s Office is a free service provided by the state through the Ombudsman ‘s Office . This service provides a defender for people who are unable to obtain a lawyer to represent them in the defense of their rights, due to economic or social difficulties. Anyone who needs it can access a public defender through the regional ombudsmen’s offices, municipal ombudsmen’s offices, judicial assistance centers, immediate reaction units and prisons.

On the other hand, the Ombudsman’s Office is an autonomous administrative and budgetary entity, responsible for protecting the rights of Colombians and exercising control over the activity of public institutions with respect to fundamental rights, a state authority that, together with the Attorney General’s Office and the municipal offices, is part of the so-called Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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By: Gianna María Negrete

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