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What are the functions of the SIC?

Many of us have heard of the
Superintendency of Industry and Commerce, also known as the SIC, however, we do not know what are the functions of this administrative and jurisdictional authority.

In this order of ideas in our law firm Cuadro Legal Abogados, expert lawyers in Commercial Law, we explain you which are its functions and objectives:

Consumer protection

This entity is responsible for recognizing the rights of consumers to safety, health and protection of legitimate economic interests, as well as to information and participation.

In this order of ideas, the Superintendency is responsible for monitoring the observance of the provisions contained in the consumer statute, Law 1480 of 2011, by virtue of which it processes the complaints that are filed and initiates ex officio investigations aimed at establishing their contravention. In this area it has 3 faculties:

  1. Administrative: to order the suspension of illegal conducts

  2. Sanctioning: to repress violators

  3. Jurisdictional to decide on the minimum presumptive guarantee.

Now, it is relevant to point out that this entity will also process and decide on the investigations related to the complaints filed for non-compliance of services by the tourist service providers and will exercise surveillance and control over the compliance with the regulations of the promotional games and will verify that in the development of the same, the consumer protection regulations are complied with (Law 643 of 2001).

Industrial Property

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce will be in charge of knowing and deciding on the rights over new creations (invention patents, utility models, industrial designs and layout designs of integrated circuits).

In turn, it will grant rights over the signs that traders use to distinguish their products and services (trademarks, slogans, names and trade names) in the market (In our law firm Cuadro Legal, we have the best intellectual property lawyers, experts in industrial property and trademark registration ).

Control and verification of technical regulations and legal metrology

The Superintendency is in charge of setting the permissible tolerances for metrological control purposes and establishing the requirements applicable to the models or prototypes of measuring instruments and standards to be marketed and giving them its approval; likewise, it is in charge of determining the multiples and submultiples of the legal units of measurement of the International System of Units, the legal units of measurement  that are not covered by the International System of Units SI and the customary units of measurement.

Also, through the Investigations Directorate, it will conduct administrative investigations of manufacturers, importers, producers and marketers of goods and services subject to compliance with technical regulations and for violation of provisions related to legal metrology, and may impose the corresponding measures and sanctions.

Surveillance of Chambers of Commerce

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce is in charge of regulating all matters related to the single registry of bidders, in addition to determining the rules for the operation of the commercial registry, determining the periodicity with which the Chambers of Commerce must provide news of the commercial registry and overseeing them administratively and in accounting terms, as well as overseeing the elections of the boards of directors and answering queries related to this area.

Protection of personal data

The Superintendency protects the fundamental right of
Habeas Data
The right of citizens to  to know, update and rectify their personal data. This protection is covered by Law 1266 of 2008, which applies to all personal financial, credit, commercial and service data registered in a database.

It is necessary to take into account that the Superintendency, through the Directorate of Investigation of Personal Data Protection, will exercise the surveillance of operators, sources and users of financial, credit, commercial and service information, as well as information of the same nature coming from third countries, as regards the activity of personal data management. It may also order the correction, updating or removal of personal data from a database, when so determined within the investigation, and shall administer the National Public Registry of Databases.

Jurisdictional matters

Through the Delegation for Jurisdictional Matters, the Superintendency, in the exercise of its jurisdictional functions of consumer protection, in first or only instance, may:

  1. Order the effectiveness of the guarantees of goods and services established in the consumer protection regulations (Law 1480 of 2011) or the contractual ones if they are more extensive.

  2. Impose successive fines in accordance with the law for non-compliance with the orders of effectiveness of guarantees issued.

Likewise, it will hear and decide on claims in matters of unfair competition (Law 256 of 1996) and will resolve requests for injunctive relief.


Superintendency of Industry and Commerce,
Objectives and functions
Written by: Alejandra Cardona Mercado

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