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Mintic issues Guide to adopt blockchain in public entities


has arrived to revolutionize not only the private sector but also the public sector.

This is evidenced by the new Reference Guide for the Adoption and Implementation of Technology Projects


blockchain technology projects

 technology projects in the Colombian state, issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (Mintic).

Its purpose is to provide inputs and tools for public entities to understand what it is, what it is used for and how it can be implemented.


in the digital transformation of the Colombian State. Thus, the aforementioned document presents the guidelines to be applied by public entities for the development of


in public management.

Thus, this technology drives public innovation, as it is a tool that facilitates auditing by control agencies, improves transparency in the processes of the entities and streamlines the provision of services by the State.

This will undoubtedly have a direct impact on the welfare of citizens, since, by virtue of this disruptive technology, which has a blockchain that allows recording and publishing data without the need for intermediaries to centralize the information, citizens can feel more confident in the transparency of public processes. Since Cuadro Legal, law firm carries the flag of technology and vanguard,  our commercial lawyers in Medellin and Bogota  are already updated in what concerns blockchain and all what concerns crimes or computer needs.

Furthermore, as the aforementioned guide explains,


can be used in sectors where citizens must keep records of information, or systems must validate information in real time, also in digital certification, or in smart contracts for the allocation of subsidies and transfers of public resources, among other processes.

Finally, it is worth noting that several pilots have already been carried out in Colombia to develop this technology. In 2018, through an initiative of the National Land Agency and the National University of Colombia, with the support of ViveLab Bogota, Colciencias and the ICT Ministry, a prototype was developed to assist the land adjudication process, in compliance with restitution sentences.

Remember that Cuadro Legal, law firm is able to solve your legal concerns related to technology or computer crimes. 

Written by: Alejandra Cardona M


Espinosa, S. (2020). 

Reference Guide for the adoption and implementation of projects with blockchain technology for the Colombian State.

Retrieved from: https://gobiernodigital.mintic.gov.co/692/articles-161810_Ley_2052_2020.pdf

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