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What happens when I sign a contract?

At some point we have all asked ourselves: what happens if I sign this contract?

what happens if I default?

In Cuadro Legal, law firm we provide legal advice to individuals and companies for the signing of any legal document, explaining its repercussions and scope. The best labor lawyers in the country.

When a contract is signed, whatever its type, a relationship of correspondence is created between the parties, i.e., each party to the contract acquires rights and obligations from the signing of the contract. Therefore, each party to the contract has its burdens, as well as the right to demand performance of the contract.

Now, it is well known that in the execution of any contract there may be breaches or events that generate some damage and are attributable to any of the contractual parties, this is known as contractual civil liability. (Remember to always have a copy of the contract and have it reviewed by a law firm).

For example, a company enters into a computer maintenance contract with a systems engineer, and at the time of servicing, through his fault and negligence, he causes damage to several computers, rendering them unusable.

Although this fact may not be stipulated or regulated in the contract, in the development of the object of the contract the systems engineer caused damage to the company and thus generated a damage to it. In this case, the company would be able to demand that the engineer recognize all damages and expenses incurred by the company due to the error he made, even if this event was not expressly regulated in the contract.

This is known as contractual civil liability, since there was a legal relationship between the parties and it was in the development of this relationship that damage was caused. And just like this case, there are thousands of scenarios where contractual liability could exist.

It must be taken into account that in order to claim this type of liability, the contractual relationship, the burdensome event, the causal link and the actual damage or harm caused must be demonstrated, and for this purpose Cuadro Legal has lawyers specialized in this matter who can provide comprehensive support and enforce your rights in a judicial scenario.

Written by: Pedro Henao

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