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Connectivity assistance in Colombia

People who work from home will be entitled to a connectivity allowance established by decree. Find out all the details.

Since last year we have had to adapt to a new era, which brought with it the use of technological media beyond the usual, because of the pandemic that we are facing we have been in the task of modifying and changing our habits, as well as our personal, social and even work spaces.

As a result, in June 2020, the Colombian government issued Decree 771 of 2020, which created the connectivity allowance, aimed at benefiting those people who had to move their jobs to their homes.

That is why, in Cuadro Legal Abogados (lawyers in MedellĂ­n) we want to explain what the connectivity assistance consists of, based on the most frequent questions that our users ask us about it.

What is connectivity assistance?

Since its issuance, Decree 771 establishes that it is a benefit for those people who have had to move their work to their homes, in order to cushion the costs of connectivity that they may have, and it should be clarified that this allowance is a modification to what we know as legal transportation allowance.

Who is entitled to receive the connectivity allowance?

As indicated in the same decree, employers are obliged to pay it to persons earning up to 2 minimum wages.

Is the connectivity allowance the same as the transportation allowance? And can I perceive both?

The connectivity allowance is simply a new way of conceiving the transportation allowance, since its objective is that people who are working from home receive the same amount as the transportation allowance, but under the denomination of connectivity allowance, and since they are the same, the decree establishes that they cannot be cumulative.

How much is the amount of the connectivity allowance?

It is the same established for the transportation allowance, as it is already known, it is a variable value, since every year it is adjusted as well as the minimum salary, for the case of 2021 it is established at $ 106,454 Colombian pesos.

If I am teleworking, can I receive the connectivity allowance?

No, according to the established is a benefit that is only intended for people who because of the pandemic and the health emergency decreed by the President of the Republic are in remote work or work at home, it should be noted that people who are under the modality of teleworking are governed by the provisions of Law 1221 of 2008.

Is the connectivity allowance temporary or permanent?

Although at the time the decree was issued it was established that such measure would be temporary until the sanitary measure subsisted, the Constitutional Court, in addition to declaring the constitutionality of the decree, approved it and argued that it could possibly be extended beyond the sanitary measure, since this implies protection for workers who, despite the end of the sanitary emergency, can continue working from their homes.

Thus, for this new year in which many people start their new jobs or continue them, it is important that both employers and workers are updated and informed of their duties and rights, that is why we recommend always having the advice of labor lawyers on the subject so that your company or job is always complying with the established regulations.

Written by: Luisa MarĂ­a Zapata Herrera.

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