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Legaltech Colombia What are they?

Technology is also present in the legal field. Everything you need to know about legaltech in Colombia.

  The Fourth Industrial Revolution,
characterized by a much more mobile and global Internet, by smaller and more powerful sensors, and by artificial intelligence and machine learning

has permeated nearly every area of society, including the legal field.  

What is legaltech?

It is the application of technology to the marketing and provision of legal services.

History of Legaltech

As a result, the legal sector has been applying technology to the marketing and delivery of legal services since mid-2008, following the global economic crisis of 2007. This made it possible to materialize what is known today as the
an abbreviation of the English term Legal Technology.

In this order of ideas, the first startups began to be created.
of the legal sector, which were of European and Anglo-Saxon origin. These sought to deliver services more efficiently and at lower cost. Subsequently, and with the same purpose, the
In Latin America, countries such as Chile and Ecuador began to promote the use of technology in the legal field.

Legaltech in Colombia

Colombia was not left behind, between 2013 and 2015, it joined this practice transforming the traditional practice of law, by applying new technologies and software to the legal environment, either at the support level, in the procedure or in the commercialization phase.

Currently, the nation has a great advance in technology applied to law, for example, the Ministry of Justice created


 , an electronic tool that allows citizens to know how a procedure is carried out or how to make use of any Justice service.  Similarly, the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce implemented the virtual platform
SIC Facilitates
to facilitate communication and conciliation between consumers and suppliers.  In the same sense, the Superintendence of Companies creates 


  a system based on Artificial Intelligence for Litigation Resolution.

Legaltech in Cuadro Legal

Now, in Cuadro Legal Abogados we are going one step ahead and for this 2021 we have created a new area expert in the use of new technologies applied to the marketing and provision of legal services. The company is led by our CEO, Juan Esteban Vallejo, a lawyer and expert in Intellectual Property and New Technologies Law.

So, if you or your company are part of the ecosystem
and require legal advice you can contact us to accompany you legally and help you grow giving prompt and timely solution to your legal problems.

1   Klaus, S., (2016). The fourth industrial revolution. Madrid, Spain: Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial España.
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