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5 things you should know about the tutela action

The tutela action is a mechanism for the protection of fundamental rights, which may be used when such rights are threatened, either by a public entity or by a private individual. Below, we will tell you 5 important things you should know about this new mechanism incorporated in the 1991 political constitution:
1. The tutela action is specific for the protection of fundamental rights.
2. Speed: Its processing seeks a quick and immediate solution to ensure the protection needed, which is why the judge will avoid procedures that delay the ruling.
Subsidiarity: the tutela action is applicable as long as there is no other means of judicial defense.
4. It is free of charge: since it protects fundamental rights, access to constitutional jurisdiction is available to any person without any difficulty in its application.
5. It is not applicable to protect collective rights, such as those mentioned in Article 88 of the Constitution.
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Written by: Gianna Negrete

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