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Important tips when registering a trademark

Welcome to another article of Cuadro Legal, your expert lawyers in Medellín in corporate law and solving cases in an efficient and intelligent way. On this occasion we want to deal with a topic that is very much suggested by many of our clients and that is closely related to intellectual property, it is the correct registration of trademarks and, despite being a very relevant point, many tend to skip several steps when entering into the registration of a specific trademark, either for lack of lawyers for companies with experience or for not wanting to invest as much as they should in this process.
In order to guarantee you a successful trademark registration, in accordance with the law and to avoid serious headaches, we have created this content oriented to important tips that we recommend you to follow when registering your trademark in order to protect yourself from any intellectual property infringement by a private individual or other companies.
Check if the name you have chosen has already been registered.
As simple as this first tip may seem, you would be surprised at the number of legal battles that have occurred throughout history precisely because those responsible for registering a particular trademark have not done the proper research in order to avoid infringing someone else’s intellectual property.
In addition to hiring lawyers for companies specialized in intellectual property, you can also get advice from several platforms oriented to the protection of intellectual property, where they can provide you with clear information on whether the name or slogan chosen has already been registered by another company. The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce will provide you with the necessary tools to make your investigation more complete.
Refrain from using a logo, slogan or name similar to that of other brands.
Be careful with this point, since it is extremely important to keep it in mind when registering a trademark and avoid attracting the attention of other companies, especially if they are direct competitors. With respect to this point, at Cuadro Legal we have lawyers for companies specialized in intellectual property that will guide you in a reliable and efficient way during the whole registration process.
Our intellectual property lawyers in Medellín will advise you in the right way so that you always follow the path of originality and avoid falling into future costly legal litigation.
Do you plan to internationalize your product? Investigate these countries in depth
If you want to internationalize your product or service is something that in the middle of 2020 simply falls by inertia, but it is important to hire the advice of lawyers specialized in these issues, as they will do a thorough research on the legal requirements related to intellectual property in those countries. This way you prevent another company from filing a lawsuit once your brand starts its journey abroad for being too similar in logo or slogan, which has happened countless times with some giants such as Apple.
Protect the products or services you provide against intellectual property theft.
With this advice we basically refer to ”shield” all products or services that are strongly linked to your commercial activity against other competitors that may try to emerge with exactly the same concepts and thus take away customers through unfair practices.
For example: if you have already created a totally original name or concept for your products or services, you will need to be able to protect all that content so that others do not steal that idea and replicate it. This is one of the basic principles of Intellectual Property, being practically ”the bread and butter” when you register new names or even develop a totally innovative product.
Get advice from lawyers who really know about intellectual property.
A mistake that is very often made not only in intellectual property matters, but in many legal areas, is to hire a lawyer who is not specialized in the needs that apply at that precise moment. When you are about to dive into the process of registering your trademark and protecting it fully, it is always good to get advice from experts in the field who really know what they are doing.
In Cuadro Legal you can count on the best lawyers in Medellín with several years of experience in everything that has to do with intellectual property, since in these processes the smart thing is to choose the safe and reliable way in order to take care of your investment and the interests of those around you.
We thank you again for your attention and as always we invite you to read our contents on legal issues.

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