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There is a wide variety of law firms in Medellín, which focus on different legal issues based on your needs as a client, but what about the professionalism or work ethic of a particular law firm? Do you know how to distinguish between a good and a bad lawyer? On this occasion we will guide you with some important recommendations when hiring lawyers in Medellín.
Although the laws in Colombia differ from those in other countries, basically they are all governed by ethical rules that define the level of professionalism no matter what region of the world you are in. Having said this, we begin with our recommendations regarding the hiring of lawyers in Medellín .

Do not choose a “know-it-all” lawyer:

A common mistake made by both large companies and individuals is to hire a “know-it-all” lawyer. A lawyer who claims to specialize in all possible legal fields. From
Cuadro Legal
we always recommend hiring a lawyer who specializes in the legal problem you have at that precise moment, why? Quite simply, the legal field is very diverse and there are countless factors to take into account, so it is almost impossible for a lawyer to perfectly handle every legal area.

The professional card as an important pillar:

Something very important to know about lawyers in Medellín is that absolutely all of them must have a professional card number that officially identifies them. This card confirms that the lawyer to be hired is registered with the Superior Council of the Judiciary
Superior Council of the Judiciary
and therefore is eligible to be elected as your legal representative.
No matter how much ethics, professionalism and legal expertise the individual has, if he or she simply does not have a professional card that identifies him or her, consider not hiring him or her.

Verify the background of the lawyer to be hired:

When hiring lawyers in Medellín or anywhere in the world, it is advisable to have an employer’s mentality, which includes reviewing the candidate’s resume for major milestones or possible irregularities in his or her professional history. This ensures that you are hiring a lawyer with integrity and who will be able to serve as your representative for many years to come.
We hope that these recommendations will be of value to you when you decide to or need to hire a lawyer. If you are interested in more information, we invite you to read more topics of interest in our blog.
As always it is a pleasure to have your attention and will be until next time.

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