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In recent days, CNN published a report on the commercial moves made by Ivanka Trump, daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump, who registered seven trademarks in China. But what is the reason?

Cuadro Legal says

Ivanka Trump registered seven new trademarks in China

The platform of the current president of the United States, in many ways is quite superfluous, being best represented by his famous proclamation “AMERICA FIRST” or translated into English, USA First, this position and the decisions that have been taken in his name, namely  the exit of the United States from the Paris Agreement against environmental change, Trump’s decision to reject the treaty’s commitment to accept refugees from Australia, and the new steel and aluminum tariffs imposed on strategic trade allies, among others, have caused the global geopolitical map to be redrawn.

In this context, economies that had hitherto lagged behind the leadership of the United States are taking the lead in the areas of technology, climate change, the consolidation of strategic alliances and diplomacy, a scenario in which China is taking a leading role. In symposiums or scenarios of political confrontation to which the US sends 10 delegates; China sends literally hundreds.

This new influence acquired by China in global power relations seems to have been noticed by the Trump conglomerate, although not admitted by the White House leader and his entourage, as evidenced by the fact that at the end of last May Ivanka Trump, first daughter and senior advisor to the Trump Administration, obtained 13 trademark registrations in China, with 25 signs still undergoing substantive examination for registration.

This not only demonstrates a new global synergy in terms of political and social issues, but also denotes the fact that Asian countries are increasingly becoming territories where it is worthwhile to consolidate intellectual property portfolios, which will be strengthened by their new prominence in global trade and the new regulatory policies that will surely emerge to support this change.

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