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Mechanisms That Protect The Most Valuable Ideas: Intellectual Property Lawyers

The emergence of small and medium-sized companies in Colombia is becoming more and more frequent, which generate more than 60% of employment in the country and strengthen innovation processes; as every day it becomes more frequent to hear about the incursion of one of these projects in the industrial market, it is important to keep in mind that behind the implementation of these SMEs, there are hundreds of entrepreneurs and what makes them successful (or not) are their ideas. But how to protect those valuable ideas that are the engine of small and large companies?

Well, in order to contribute, protect and generate an economic incentive for the creators of these creative processes product of arduous searches on the part of some, or wonderful inspiration on the part of others, specialized
Intellectual Property Attorneys
work every day in the following processes:

Trademark registrations:

By means of which the entrepreneur may protect the signs that distinguish and identify the services and products of his company from others in the market.

Management of trade name deposit:

It allows a distinction to be made between developers of similar ideas who market or produce them within a commercial market.

Deposit of the sign:

With this procedure, entrepreneurs or large businessmen can grant a distinctive sign that identifies their commercial business before the competition and the users that frequent it.

Deposit of slogans:

The word or phrase that characterizes your brand and by which you want users to remember you will be patented.


If you own an artistic, literary or scientific creation, with this mechanism you can protect it from plagiarism or use for profit by unauthorized third parties.

When competing in such a broad market with intangible goods or services, legislating on intellectual property becomes essential for any company that wants to move up the quality ladder without its potential customers and users who have already approached the brand being confused with that of someone who is offering similar goods and services by adopting the brand’s own projects as their own.

The most frequent mistakes for this to happen are due to poor advertising management, lack of knowledge about intellectual property rights or poorly structured marketing strategies; it should be very clear that whenever an idea is not legally patented, once it reaches the hands of third parties and is implemented, it will have been lost in the wide range of competition.

The best ideas are present in the least expected moments and making them a business engine that drives our projects to success is more feasible when we have the support of a group of
Intellectual Property Lawyers
that is in charge of putting into operation all the mechanisms by means of which it is possible to legislate at the present time, this way we will avoid suffering the loss of the engine of our company by indiscriminate appropriations of third parties.

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